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Materials provide a design inspiration all of their own. Many designers are drawn to the tactility, colour and pattern. At Source Fashion we provide the inspiration and access to innovative fabrics through bringing global suppliers to London. Have confidence that you will be inspired and everything you see comes with the supply chain transparency you need.



Garment Manufacturers

Sometimes you need to work with a manufacturer to bring your designs to life. Bringing together contract manufacturers with a range of MOQ’s to suit any business, whilst having the transparency to give you confidence in a robust supply chain. Source Fashion brings together manufacturers from around the world, many with their own finished collections, with just as many looking to bring yours to life. 




Find everything to inspire your next accessories collection, from leather goods, scarves, headwear, socks, premium accessories and jewellery, there is no limit to the options available to you. The accessories destination at Source Fashion can do it all for you. 

Design and Services

Fashion is evolving and technology holds the key to transforming the way that we work. Packed full of new ideas and technology solutions to all of your supply chain and manufacturing needs, this section will give you access new tools that allow the process of analysing, designing, pattern cutting and manufacturing clothes to run smoothly. Whether its tech packs, or a design house, we will have the options you need.




Packaging is about to become big news in retail as various sustainability levies come into play. We are bringing together a range of packaging suppliers who have highly sustainable solutions to packaging challenges. Whether its biodegradable, carbon neutral or simply smartly designed to generate minimal waste. Packaging is a place many retailers and brands can make wins on the sustainability front.  




The categories around sportswear are only looking to increase as the march towards wellness increases, and younger consumers continue to drive demand. The sportswear section at Source Fashion will cater for this market featuring the latest fabric innovations and garment manufacturers who would love to bring your designs to life.

Technology and Services 

Not only about fabrics and yarns, but technology has also revolutionised the fashion supply chain. From tech packs to supply chain traceability, the technology sector at Source Fashion invites you to explore where you can make efficiencies and cost savings in your own supply chain. 

Trims and Fixtures

Its not all about fabrics and yarns, Source Fashion brings together everything you need to bring your garments and ranges to life. From buttons, zips, embellishments, we have it all under one roof. Discover the range of suppliers that will add the finishing touches to your garments.


Both natural and synthetic yarns will be found on the show floor in February 2023. For those who would like to start closer to the course and create your own bespoke materials, drop by our yarn manufacturers. Whether it’s for sewing, knitting, weaving or embroidery, we will bring together a wide range of choices for you to source from.