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Introduction to Yarn Manufacturers

Both natural and synthetic yarns will be found on the show floor. For those who would like to start closer to the course and create your own bespoke materials, drop by our yarn manufacturers.  

Whether it’s for sewing, knitting, weaving or embroidery, we will bring together a wide range of choices for you to source from. 

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What you'll find in this sector: 

Wool / Cotton / Polyester / Cashmere / Silk

And More!


Yarn Manufacturers July 24

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Are all yarns found at Source Fashion responsibly produced?

Yes, every exhibitor at Source Fashion has been audited and accredited to ensure they are creating materials responsibly and ethically.

What kind of yarns can I find at Source Fashion?

Source Fashion aims to bring as much diversity in suppliers and materials as possible. Previously we have had exhibitors producing cashmere, silk, hemp, bamboo, and even Alpaca wool! For an up-to-date list of yarns you can find at our next show, visit our exhibitor list and explore the drop-down filter under ‘Yarns’.  

What countries are the yarns at Source Fashion produced in?

Source Fashion brings exhibitors from over 25 countries to the show! Yarn suppliers may come from smaller emerging markets such as Nepal and Egypt, or larger manufacturing powerhouses such as China and India. Check out our exhibitor list to view the countries our Yarn exhibitors are based in

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