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Trims and Fixtures

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Introduction to Trims and Fixtures

You truly can find everything you need to bring your product range to life at Source Fashion, right down to the finishing touches.  

Our Trims and Fixtures sector unites suppliers and manufacturers who specialise in the finer details, so you can source for every element of your garment under one roof. 

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What you'll find in this sector: 

Buttons / Zips / Embellishments / Labels  

Trims and Fixtures Feb 24

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What are trims and fixtures?

The trims and fixtures sector encompasses all the embellishments and finishes for your garment. In this sector, you can find buttons, zippers, studs, ribbons, patches, labels and more.

What country are trims and fixtures manufactured in?

Manufacturers at Source Fashion come from across the world to exhibit at the show. Our purpose is to unite global manufacturers and suppliers under one roof, to make it easier for the buying community to source every element of their garments, from one location.  

Are trims and fixtures responsibly manufactured?

Yes, every exhibitor at Source Fashion must have had a recent SEDEX audit, or other recognisable institution, to exhibit at the show. This is to ensure you have peace of mind in knowing every exhibitor has transparent and ethical manufacturing methods at the heart of their business model.

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