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Introduction to Packaging

Packaging is about to become big news in retail as various sustainability levies come into play. We are bringing together a range of packaging suppliers who have highly sustainable solutions to packaging challenges. Whether its biodegradable, carbon neutral or simply smartly designed to generate minimal waste. Packaging is a place many retailers and brands can make wins on the sustainability front.   

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What you'll find in this sector: 

Shopping Bags / Gift Bags / Tags / Postage Packaging 

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Can I find sustainable packaging solutions in this sector?

Source Fashion aims to bring manufacturers and suppliers who are making a difference in retail packaging and offer responsible and sustainable packaging solutions. Previous exhibitors in this sector brought compostable shopping bags, recycled labels, and more.

 Which packaging suppliers are exhibiting Source Fashion?

Our exhibitors at Source Fashion vary from show to show, but you can check to see which exhibitors are planning to be at our next event over on our exhibitor list! Make sure to filter by packaging to find which packaging suppliers will be at Source Fashion.

Are the packaging suppliers exhibiting exclusive to Source Fashion?

Many, but not all, of our exhibitors at Source Fashion are working exclusively with our show, meaning you won’t find them at any other tradeshow. This applies across all our sectors at Source Fashion including packaging, and you can find out if an exhibitor is exclusive to Source Fashion by filtering it on our exhibitor list.

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