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Designs and Technology Services

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Introduction to Design and Technology Services

Fashion is evolving and technology has revolutionised the industry, it holds the key to transforming the way that we work.  

Packed full of new ideas and technology solutions, this section will give you access to new tools that allow the process of analysing, designing, pattern cutting and manufacturing clothes to run smoothly. Whether it's tech packs, supply chain traceability, or a design house, Source Fashion invites you to explore where you can make efficiencies and cost savings, we will have the options you need. 

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What you'll find in this sector: 

Supply Chain Traceability / Design & Print Technologies / Fabric Recycling Technologies  

Meet SATCol a Fabric Recycling Technology Provider

SATCol are returning exhibitors at Source Fashion, helping educate the fashion community on how their service prevents fabrics from going to landfill. In this interview, we visited their factory to hear more about the important work they do. If you're interested in learning more about textile-to-textile recycling, SATCol also held a seminar on their project: ReClaim at a previous edition of Source Fashion. You can watch the full seminar on demand now.

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Design and Technology Services Feb 24

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What is Design and Technology Services?

Technology and design services cover a broad spectrum of exhibitors who can help or influence your supply chain and garment creation through innovative new technology/machin

Is supply chain technology important to implement in my business?

Yes, we firmly believe that as consumers are growing more aware of where brands are sourcing from and if their supply chains are ethical, now is the time to invest in technology to support your business transparency goals. You can learn more about supply chain storytelling in an on-demand content session on our content hub.

How can I learn more about implementing technology in our business?

Our best recommendation is to reach out to our exhibitors! They are more than willing to discuss how their technology can best help your business needs. We have also hosted several speaker sessions discussing new technology revolutionising the fashion industry, head to our on-demand page to learn more.

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