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Introduction to Fabric Suppliers

Find inspiration for creation by browsing through our Fabrics sector. Whether you are drawn to tactility, colour, pattern, or material, you can be confident you will find the perfect fit for your products.  

Access the latest fabric innovations, source both natural and synthetic materials, and meet suppliers who produce sustainable and recycled fabrics, all within Olympia London. And, be assured that all exhibitors are audited before the show to guarantee their supply chain is completely transparent.  

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What you'll find in this sector: 

Leathers / Cotton / Silk / Cashmere / Fur  

And More!

Meet Walter Reginald, a UK Fabric Supplier

Walter Reginald is London’s leading leather supplier, they keep innovation and creativity at the forefront of their business by offering a wide range of unique colours and finishes to their fabrics. We visited Walter Reginald to learn more about their family business, and the importance of ethical leather production by using offcuts from the meat industry.

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Fabric Suppliers Feb 24


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Are all fabrics found at Source Fashion ethically made?

Yes, all fabric suppliers at Source Fashion are creating materials ethically and responsibly, we ensure all exhibitors are audited before the show to prove this.

What type of fabrics and materials can you find?

Source Fashion hosts a wide variety of fabric and material suppliers at the show, including leather, cotton, silk, cashmere and more. We recommend viewing our exhibitor list and filtering by fabrics to see which suppliers will be attending, you can also get in touch with the suppliers before the show to learn more about their capabilities.

Are the fabrics found on the exhibitor list the only fabrics you can find at Source Fashion?

Our exhibitor list is designed to give our visitors an overview of who you can find at the show. However, the fabric suppliers’ subcategories often only show a sample of what they are capable of! If you are looking for a specific material, we always recommend getting in touch with exhibitors before the show or visiting their stand to view fabric samples in person.

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Garment Manufacturers


Trims and Fixtures