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Call For Content

Call for content 

Source Fashion is very much a show for the Industry by the Industry. It’s a platform for newness and creation and showcasing the best of the fashion industry. 

We want to curate the best content and share our platform with you in February. If you would like to be involved, we are looking for content that fits into three streams:

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1. Sustainable processes and doing things the right way

Often innovations are simple and leave the person discovering them with a sense of ‘why haven’t we been doing it this way for years’.  We are looking to share stories about the best from the industry in terms of sustainable processes, manufacturing improvements or case studies where supply chains have been transformed. What we are looking for is for stories that inspire and represent the best from the industry that we can all learn from. 

2. Innovation in materials and process

As we look to the future of fashion there is so much innovation going on regarding the source of where fabrics are coming from. We want to educate not just on site but through our content programme.

Woven fabric

3. Retail Masters

We are looking for people to take part in our Retail Masters series. We will invite you into our studios to create an educational video about your innovation, we will then share this across our platforms as a mechanism to not only showcase your innovation but upskill the knowledge of our buyers.

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