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Highlights July 2023

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Source Fashion July Highlights

Source Fashion has been a resounding success! We have welcomed over 4,000 visitors through our doors, ready to explore a world of responsible sourcing, discovering audited manufacturers & suppliers from across the globe. Connections were made, meetings were held and the atmosphere in the venue was overwhelmingly positive! Get a glimpse of the magic in our highlights video.

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Visitors who have attended the show


Source Fashion Catwalk

The UK’s leading sustainable stylist, Rebekah Roy, has pulled together an inspirational and thought- provoking show, taking place three times a day, on The Source Fashion Catwalk.

This season’s design collaboration is with fashion-forward designer Sarah Regensburger, who will showcase her creative vision by headlining the stage with a vegan collection. The rest of the show features trend scenes curated from circular and sustainable garments supplied by our global exhibitors, highlighting that responsible fashion doesn’t compromise on commercial results.

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Our speakers included

World First Project: Re:Claim is making textile-to-textile recycling a reality

Recycling and breaking down man-made fibres have always posed a challenge and, until now, it has been impossible to break down polyester. However, Project Plan B and Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL), unveiled their plans for the first post-consumer polyester recycling plant. 

Charlene Bent, Marketing Manager - Salvation Army Trading Company

Majonne Frost, Head of Environment & Sustainability - Salvation Army Trading Company

Responsible sourcing: where a garment starts, and where should it restart?

Let's address the elephant in the room, there are too many clothes in the world. Extended producer responsibility exists in other industries, it is only a matter of time before it is applied to fashion. The question is, do you want to be ahead of the curve, and not only look at how products are made but also how to restart a garment's life when the first is over? This panel explored the different strategies that brands and manufacturers can adopt to get ahead of the curve and create a system for reusing materials.

Angela Gaskell, Group Sourcing, Sustainability, Quality & Fit Director - NBrown

Lucy Peacock, Head of Pre-Loved - eBay

The business of sustainability: How to go green whilst staying in the black

Is there money to be made whilst reducing the world's environmental and social problems? Zoe Bayliss-Wong addressed how sustainability can become a true commercial lever, not just an optional obligation, and balancing sustainable intentions and commercial goals is possible for any business. 

Zoe Bayliss Wong, Retail Expert - Former Director at Depop

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