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Exhibitor Zone Video Embed Instructions

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When uploading a new video to your exhibitor profile, you'll need to add the embed code in. Please follow the below instructions once you've uploaded your video to a streaming platform such as YouTube. Please note that instructions vary for different streaming platforms. 

Step one: 

Once you have opened your uploaded video on YouTube, click the 'share' button below the video

YouTube Share Video Instructions

Step two:

Once you have selected the share button, click the 'embed' button 

YouTube Embed Video Instructions

Step three:

Click the embed code and press copy

Copy YouTube Embed Code Instructions

Step four:

You'll then need to paste the embed code into the 'video embed code' section on the exhibitor zone as you upload your new video

Add YouTube Embed Code to Exhibitor Zone Instructions

Once you have submitted your new video, this will then appear in your profile on the exhibitor list.