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Rosemary Moore

Rosemary Moore

Founder, Maxxam Textiles

Rosemary Moore graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1983 with an M.A, in textile design.A strong interest in theatre, dance, sport and performance art has constituted a powerful and consistent influence behind Rosemary’s fabric innovations and garment designs. She was originally training to be an olympic gymnast but stopped at the age of fifteen as she felt she could not full fill her goal.

Rosemary’s knowledge gained in Japan for the conscious consumer has drawn her towards solutions to improve the comfort and well being in what she creates through her choice of yarns, structures and fit. Her ethical soul now leads her now in her approach in both sourcing of fibre through to manufacture so there is a positive benefit to all those involved.She has recently been looking into various ethical manufacturing projects in South Africa and Ghana to facilitate her thoughts for her future developments and partner projects. Rosemary’s fascination for sensory design from colour through to aroma started about ten years ago and since then she has been studying ways to introduce benefits into her future fabrics and clothing either through finishes, encapsulations or fibre construction. If she can design a whole garment on a machine such as customised manufacturing she will as she has always felt attracted to this method of manufacture since working with the original inventors in the early 80s- its where we are heading. Lastly her passion for investigative research, problem solving and spending as much time as possible in an RD environment with machines you could call her hobby.