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Laura Rudoe

Laura Rudoe

Founder and CEO , Evolve Organic Beauty

Laura’s Romanian heritage meant that natural and
organic living played a huge part in her lifestyle
growing up. As a teenager and into her 20’s she
suffered from acne, and she turned to natural
medicine and natural eating as ways of improving her
skin and health.

Laura has always been interested in ethical business
practices and how businesses can do well financially
as well as doing good for their community and the
planet. After she left Harvard Business School in 2005
she became the founding employee of one of the first
natural luxury brands: NUDE skincare. Whilst there
she discovered her love of working on natural
skincare products and she spent all of her free time
educating herself about natural ingredients to
become an expert.
At the time, organic and ethical beauty products -
apart from being few and far between - were either
expensive and inaccessible to everyone or ineffective
and unattractive, and this is what inspired her to
create a range of highly effective skincare at
affordable prices to help people become a little
greener in their everyday lives - which is when Evolve
Organic Beauty was born.