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Hibret Lemma

Hibret Lemma

CEO, Hawassa Industrial Park Investors Association

After 15 years of studying and working in Europe and the United States, I returned to Ethiopia in 2016 to establish a leading French accessory production plant in the Hawassa Industrial Park (HIP).   As the Managing Director of one of the first handful of companies to invest in HIP, I played a key role in establishing the HIPIA. I served as the Association's Board of Management Secretary and subsequently as Chairman for nearly four years. In September 2021, I was appointed as the full-time CEO of HIPIA.

In my current role, I lead the drive to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia. I work closely with HIP investors, who are leaders in the garment manufacturing sector with manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia and decades of experience.

Beyond my work with HIPIA, I am actively involved in policy advocacy, particularly in areas related to banking, customs, logistics, and labour. I am also a member of a public-private steering committee focused on finding solutions and policy proposals to address bottlenecks in the sector.

I hold a degree in International Finance and an MBA from the International Institute of Management at the French National Institute for Science, Technology, and Management. I also specialized in Project Management at Oxford Academics. With over a decade of experience in Europe in project finance and business development consulting, I am committed to driving positive change and fostering growth in Ethiopia's manufacturing sector.