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Seminars February 2024

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UK Manufacturing - getting manufacturing back into the UK

19 Feb 2024
The Source Catwalk

Following recent major disruptions across fashion supply chains, UK retailers are looking for an increase in manufacturer and suppliers, but also looking for them closer to home. On top of this, consumers are becoming more ethically conscious, and a bringing manufacturing back domestically can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. However, is this much easier said than done? 

This session will discuss: 

  • The opportunities and challenges of returning to more domestic supply chains within fashion  

  • Maintaining requirements for product quality, availability and cost  

  • Essential considerations retailers need to make when reviewing their manufacturers and suppliers  

Lauretta Roberts, Co-Founder, CEO, Editor-in-Chief -
Simon Platts, CEO and Founder - Recomme
Rosemary Moore, Founder - Maxxam Textiles