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About Lagofra

Lagofra Lda Hall: National Ground Stand: SF-F23

We are a family business, located in Porto, Portugal, with 85 years of tradition in producing high quality garments, recognized as one of the best and most reliable factories in Portugal. We are specialized in producing woven garments, like, blazers, coats, jackets, blouses, pants, shirts, dresses, with a strong flexibility in terms of fabrics and styles.

Although created in 2012, LaGofra has a baggage dating back to 1934, based on a legacy of professionalism, quality, and love for textile art, which has been passed down from generation to generation. The experience of years of dedication to the sector is reflected in the competence and solidity with which the company operates in the market. Right now, almost 100% of what we produces goes to countries like France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, or Canada. Working with renowned brands, LaGofra bets on the team's know-how to create pieces with added value.

Our sustainability policy incorporates principles of ethics, social responsibility, and good environmental practices into the company’s management and in the economic and financial decision process. We strive to offer garments with high quality, with ethical values and strong standards.

A truly sustainable company must be able to prove its commitment. That's why we constantly monitor the whole production process and grant our social responsibility. That’s why we work only 4 days a week, all the employees have private Health Insurance, and their salary is higher than what is normally paid in the textile industry.



These are some of the brands that we work together and, we have our own brands – Daily Day and Lagofra

- Balzac, Isabel Marant, Hanne Block, Henrik Vibskov, Reality Studio, Livid, Percival etc



The production facility allows LaGofra to serve customers from the beginning part of the process of making clothes to the shipment of the product to be sold in stores.
We provide from patterns to the last finishing detail.

-We have Gerber Technology and we employe own pattern makers.

-We can work CMT or full purchase. You only have to send everything clarify in order to offer you what you want.

-Concerning sampling our time normally is 4 weeks but, depending on our planing, could be sligthly short. Production 6/8 weeks.

-Minimum quantities per style/colour 100 pcs.

The dedication and the 'modus operandi' of LaGofra are equal for both an order for five pieces, and for an order for five thousand.

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