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SATCoL Podcast episode 1 Lucy Siegle

Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd Hall: National Ground Stand: SF-G42

Welcome to the first series of the SATCoL podcast. In the first episode, the Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) have a candid conversation with Lucy Siegle, the UK based journalist and broadcaster, opinion leader and writer on environmental and social justice. The environment reporter on one of the UK’s most longstanding and most watched TV shows, BBC1’s The One Show and author of books including, To Die For: Is Fashion Wearing out the World (Fourth Estate) and her latest Be the Ultimate Friend of the Earth, 100 questions to boost your climate and nature IQ (published July 2022, O’Mara Books). In this first episode of the first SATCoL podcast titled The Sustainable Conversation, Lucy shares some great tips such as how much ‘roadwear’ does an item have? And invites us to engage in social and environmental justice as she talks about her personal experiences and travels that have enlightened her journey to help sustain the planet.

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