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04 Jun 2024

How to work with WEIMI GARMENT?

Zhejiang Weimi Clothing Co., Ltd. Hall: National Ground Stand: SF-H11
How to work with WEIMI GARMENT?

How to work with WEIMI GARMENT?

Step 1. Get Touch With WEIMI

We provide different contact methods and you can search us on insta andTK.There are daily production and work updates.After receiving your information, we will arrange a salesman and designer to follow with you as soon as possible.Also you can visit our website,Check more infomation and product about us

Step2.Communicate With salesman

Please prepare the technical package,Its including your design logo craft size .Then salesman will check price and details .And Our salesmen has trained in professional English and clothing knowledge.They will communicate with you without barriers and provide professional advice。


Step3.Creation of Samples

The general process of sample clothing is pattern making, confirming fabrics and accessories, cutting, sewing, ironing and shipping.Normally,SAMPLE production need 2-3DAYS。Prior to sample production,we will provide final tech packs for customer review and approval. At the same time, we also provide sample shooting services, so that customers can market and release in advance.In addition, we also have our own version and style,which can be provided to customers for use and modification.

Step4.Bulk production

After your approval of the sample and satisfaction, we will proceed with bulk production upon receiving the deposit.Before producing bulk, we will make full-size pre-production clothes.And reconfirm  details to achieve high quality and high efficiency.Generally, 500 pieces only need two weeks of production time.In order to help customers build their brands, we provide full customization services. Such as bags, elevators, collar labels with your logo, etc.

Step5. Quality Inspection and Control

We have a special inspection team to be responsible for the inspection of the whole process.From samples to bulk shipments to shipping,They inspect and coordinate various departments.

Step6.Packaging and Transportation

We have long-term cooperation and stable freight companies to provide customers with a variety of transportation options. Such as air freight, freight, sea freight, etc. Secondly, the salesman will follow up the delivery time information to ensure that the goods are transported to the address safely and efficiently.

We hope to reach long-term cooperation with customers with the best service, high-quality products and flexible pace