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05 May 2022

6 Malaysian Brands Advocating Sustainable Lifestyle

Kualesa Apparel Sdn. Bhd. Hall: National Gallery Stand: SF-P7
6 Malaysian Brands Advocating Sustainable Lifestyle
Meet the people behind these homegrown brands that aim to bring greater awareness about the impact of our consumption, from fashion to gelato, on our planet.
Tatler talks to the people who are trying to make a difference—each from different walks of life but all with the very same goal: to try to make the world a better place, no matter how cheesy that sounds.

For Kualesa, the material is printed or dyed with unique designs. Adding to the fabric’s sustainability is the fact that 99 per cent of the water and non-toxic chemicals used are processed, and recycled to use again. Thus, significantly reducing water consumption. The two Co-founders have also made it their mission to restore the rainforests of Southeast Asia by planting one tree in the rainforest for every order. Kualesa is working with the Orang Asli in Kuala Tahan in Pahang to strategically plant a variety of tree species while providing the people with meaningful work opportunities.

Just as the fashion industry constantly evolves, sustainable clothing is also changing. Ariff says they are exploring sourcing from other plants besides bamboo, including coconut husks, pineapple leaves, banana leaves and food waste.

“The plantation industry is producing a lot of waste, and we see an opportunity to use excess material and turn it into clothes. We hope more brands will do the same in the future.” He believes the market is ripe in Malaysia and other countries in Southeast Asia as many members of younger generations are eco-conscious and more informed. “There is a lot of information online on social media that exposes people to the message on how we all need to live a more sustainable life.”