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Exhibitor List February 2024

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Hall: National Ground Stand: SF-B50
  • Beach & Swimwear
  • Menswear - Sportswear
  • Nightwear
  • Shorts
  • Full Service
  • Gymwear
  • Apparel
  • New Exhibitors

Şahin Global craftsmanship, product excellence and sustainability combine harmoniously. Our talented promoters, equipped with modern machines, meticulously implement the customer's design visions, ensuring that each garment meets the highest standards. As a reliable production solution, we are active with fashion brands to offer customers not only clothes but extraordinary experiences. Based on its unwavering determination to create a positive impact in the fashion industry, Şahin Global redefines a more sustainable and stylish future by flawlessly combining quality and ethical values in the fashion world. To produce textiles according to the developments in the textile industry and Şahin simultaneously It has transformed into a vertically integrated textile company by making continuous investments to remain competitive in global and domestic markets. Our company policy is reliable and effective service, on-time production and delivery. • Şahin Global is a leading ready-made clothing manufacturer specializing in swimwear, underwear, bed wear, active sportswear (men's, women's and children's). Using a variety of construction techniques to provide high quality garments, we use Polyester, Polyamide, Cotton (knitted - woven) and more. It offers a wide variety of fabric options including more. Their talented teams and modern machinery dedicated to sustainability deliver exceptional products that meet industry standards. Şahin Global's focus on innovation, quality and ethical practices make them a preferred partner for brands seeking reliable and responsible production solutions 



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Contact Exhibitor

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