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Jointak (est.1984) is proud to count itself amongst the first in the industry to offer a full and comprehensive range of products including all types of woven and printed labels, hang tags, leather patches, rubber patches, stickers, embroidery, plastic seals, packaging, barcodes, RFID products together with sophisticated variable data processing capabilities and web based B2B ordering platform. Jointak has also developed a fully patented, cutting edge brand protection and authentication solution named CertiEye® which has been added to a portfolio of innovative brand protection technologies.

The Jointak Group has production and distribution capabilities in Hong Kong, China, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and Vietnam. With this global reach, commitment to quality, proven innovation and a customer-first ethos, Jointak is perfectly positioned to service the needs of brand owners in this fast-paced, demanding and dynamic modern world.

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  • Both printed and woven labels can be made of recycled yarns and for printed options we prefere to use water based or vegetable based inks for more sustainable soution. Printed labels are usually made ...
  • Care labels are usually printed on satin, tyvek, cotton, TPU or other materials soft to skin. Our first choice of materials offered to clients are recyceld options printed with eco-friendly inks such ...
  • Originally used in military uniforms to distinguish between soldiers rankings, the humble origins of a clothing badge have come a long way since, finding it's way to the fashion world and even appeari ...
  • Hang tags, also known as swing tickets or swing tags, are applied to products and will assist you to reinforce your branding and marketing messages. Your customers will read the information printed on ...
  • CertiEye® cutting edge anti-counterfeit brand protection and authentication solution, which has been added to a portfolio of innovative brand protection  technologies. Supported by widely accessible m ...
  • Sustainability Role in overall company's strategic plans
    Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do at Jointak starting with our raw material suppliers to our own internal processes. Our Eco principles are: Responsible product / Responsible supply chain and product life cycle / Responsible facility management.
    Sustainability initiatives
    By installing SOLAR PANELS and GAS TREATMENT UNITS at our plant in China over 8 years ago, we have achieved amazing results so far: Our solar panels produced 607 599.9 kWh of energy - equivalent to 216 tons of coal burned. The gas exhaust treatments reduced our emissions by 243 tons - equivalent to 84.1 tons of waste recycled.
    Pledges for the year
    We are constantly reviewing our work practices and the things in our control to reduce our impact on the environment. Through the use of vegetable-based inks for printing, more sustainable raw material options for labelling (e.g. recycled polyester, organic cotton etc.) and recycled plastics for injection moulding all help to minimise the impact our production facilities have on the environment. We endeavour to recycle as much of our production waste as possible. All paper offcuts from print production, metal castoff from the manufacture of tooling, yarn and other textile waste and even used fluorescent lighting tubes and batteries are all collected from our factory site by recycling companies who process the wastage and recirculate this back into industry.
    Social equity at your company
    Jointak is a proud member of SEDEX and SMETA which is providing audits and ensuring that standards of labour, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethics within our own operations and at our suppliers are met. It is designed to help protect workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low pay and forced labour.
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    16 May 2023
    Learn more about our products and services we offer our clients globally and discover our production facilities woldwide.
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    09 May 2023 JOINTAK GROUP
    RUNNERMARK - Activewear Sustainable Collection ANGELINA - Womanwear Sustainable Collectioon
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    29 May 2023 Jointak

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